Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am writing the next chapter of my story...

I just did a 3 card reading and then started reading the birthday book Vicki gave me, 10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace by Dr Wayne Dyer. They both are on the same theme, it is all up to me. I am now 7 minutes into my 58th year (today is my 57th birthday), and some of the things I thought about my future have recently been proven to be false. You know how when you are crossing a stream, walking on what appear to be solid, though slippery,rocks, imbeded firmly in the earth, when suddenly...oops! The rock wasn't solid, and down you go. You either get up sopping wet and make your way out, or you allow the stream to carry you away, screaming "Help me!" waiting on someone else to save you, when all you have to do is grab a branch and you can get out. Well I chose not to get carried off, I just want to swim to the other side and get the hell out of the stream. You know what comes next, you get out, shake off the water, shivering you start checking your body for scrapes and bruises, and then move on up the path. That is me, even if blood is flowing I just want to move on. Should I ask for help? Even if I don't know what I may need help with?

Crap, when I fell in the stream I lost my map and now I am bloody (don't worry, the wound cloted) & I am unsure which path I was going to take. I know, the one less traveled...easy for you to say, you are safe & secure.

Looking around I feel like just sitting on a stump and waiting for someone to rescue me, give me a warm drink, a dry shirt and a friggin' map! I can't, it will be their map and not mine, so I have to decide. I have to sit in the sun and dry off. Check the sun to get my bearings, get off my fat ass and trudge on. I can't wait till I see who I meet along the way. Will I regret taking the next path? Gosh, so many questions. Please God, please, let this be the easy path, please. Bring me someone healthy, wealthy & wise. Help me change my attitude towards my own health, help me recoup my wealth and guide all my steps, teach me to ge wise by depending on You.

Ok guys, dried off, sun has moved to the west & I am following it to the coast. I'll check in along the way.

Did you know that I was born at midnight? I am 33 minutes into my 58th year, happy 57th birthday to me <3