Sunday, June 10, 2012

25 year plan-begun!

June 10, 2012

Driving home alone from Pembroke Pines to Tampa last night I decided that I want to at least live until Bryson is 30. That will make me 88. I don't want to be living in a NH either or with tubes keeping me alive, so to do that I must get healthier than I currently am. Not that I am bad but I have a few things that need to be resolved and that has to start by losing weight. All the problems I have are either from having fat or from exacerbated by having fat.

So now I must begin my true quest of getting healthy. Not some fad but something that I can do now, live with and adjust as I age.

Here are some things I will do:
  • Take supplements, the right ones, not the latest fad.
  • Be flexible and realize that new studies debunk old theories.
  • See a nutritionist.
  • Find healthy friends who will support my new lifestyle
  • Learn to enjoy vegetables.
  • Get past the mental block that will not let me eat vegetables.
  • Do what exercise I can until I lose enough weight where I can do what I used to do, if that means starting with chair exercises - so be it.
  • Never forget, this is my goal and only I can make myself attain it.
  • Focus on myself & my health.
  • Get my financial situation under control.
  • Stop procrastinating.
  • Stop eating out every day.
  • Learn to make rewards for myself and feel that they are valuable.
  • Learn to suffer deprivation.
  • I know that I can have self-control, find that part of me again.
  • Become positive.
  • Become goal orientated.
  • Stop wasting time on political stuff that I can't change and focus on those things I can
  • Read inspiring, uplifting stuff.
  • If I have at least 30 more years left to live then stop living like I am dying now.
  • Find people older than me who are inspiring and emulate them.
  • Never again have a relationship to say I have a relationship.
  • Develop my old hobbies and find new ones.
  • STOP hiding behind my fat. It keeps me from going places and meeting new people.
  • I might be too old to be outgoing, but learn to be approachable.
  • Failure is not an option, stop giving up.
  • Keep that picture of me as an old person lying in the NH bed with my mouth open and no sense of reality in the back of my mind, 

along with the picture of Hanne, still vibrant at 81.

 Who do I want to be...the smiling lady in green for sure!
Create a plan...stick to it. Be who you want to be!